Battery Extender

Battery Extender 1.14

Prolong the life of your phone's battery


  • Five different profiles
  • Customize your own profile
  • Plenty of help and advise
  • Profile comparison graph


  • No power consumption tracking

In the main, Nokia batteries have plenty of longevity, but if you want to squeeze even more power out of them then give Battery Extender a try.

The program claims to extend the time on your phone by up to 30%. In general, this should mean that your device will last four days on standby instead of the average, three. The eco-conscience of you will be pleased to hear that Battery Extender reduces the number of times you need to recharge your phone by 31 every year (according to the developer) - saving precious electricity.

Battery Extender is dead simple to use. There are five different preset profiles to choose from, each offering different levels of battery optimization - Max Battery, Outdoor Sports, Improved Battery, Custom, and Original Settings. Essentially each of these profiles manage your running processes in a different way as the battery levels goes down. For instance, they might turn down the brightness of the screen, disable running applications, deactivate GPS, etc. Battery Extender comes with a comparison graph so you can see the performance differences between each of the profiles.

The 'Custom' setting allows you to manage your own profile, changing elements such as backlight brightness, Bluetooth, screensaver timeout, and more. There's plenty of help available within Battery Extender, so you don't need to worry about messing things up.

It would be nice if Battery Extender let you track power consumption in real time, but what it does do is offer an effective and simple way of getting more life from your battery.

Battery Extender


Battery Extender 1.14

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    use it as a llast resort.
    of course you can use this application but you will suicide your battery, cose there s...   More